Sunday, 3 June 2018

Baby clown anemonefish at the Cairns Aquarium

It looks like the Cairns Aquarium has had some breeding success with their clown anemonefish. One of their anemones is now host to a large family of one of the most famous of the Reef's inhabitants. I was passing through late in the day with nobody else around, but I can imagine the squeals of excitement from kids as they encounter this tank.

Around the anemone you'll notice a fair bit of algae growing on the fake coral, which was all there was in this tank in the beginning. I've noticed more and more live coral, anemones and other life in the tanks so I think they've realised that keeping the tanks algae free is easier if you allow other things to compete for space. I'm delighted by this development after initially being disappointed by how little real reef was on display.

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