Saturday, 26 May 2018

Mmmm... Chocolate.

An email I received this week had an attention grabbing heading: Free chocolate sample!!! (exclamation marks in the original). Yes, my Woolworths reward card was giving me a bonus, a block of a chocolate brand I hadn't tried before - Frey chocolate. There were two new flavours they were promoting to choose from, both a little different to the usual bars.

Milk Cranberry? Well, you don't usually see that in the chocolate aisle, but I have had chocolate coated cranberries from the dried fruit aisle. No, Not different enough.

Milk Crunchy Corn! I had to give it a try. My first bite seemed to only get chocolate, but it was immediately noticeable it was good chocolate, very good. The second bite had corn, and it works - both in crunch and taste. The corn is a stronger and sweeter flavour than rice, which I've had in chocolate before. The corn is, I think, nicer. I don't think it beats rum raisin, but certainly better than hazelnut. If you see it on the shelves, give it a try.

I hadn't had Frey's before but probably will again now, so it was a good promotion for them. Looking at their website it seems they have some flavours I'm not seeing on the shelves: Vanilla bourbon sounds like one I might like. Mango-raspberry? Kirsch with sugar crust?

I often find myself in the chocolate aisle hoping to find something new and different. This was something different, but may soon be normal for me. Hopefully Frey will start distributing their more unusual flavours in the stores here.

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