Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Mouth almighty

Glossamia aprion at the Cairns Aquarium
Mouth almighties (or is that mouths almighty?) are a native species of which I had never heard when I moved up to Cairns. At no more than 15cm they're too small to be of much interest to anglers while perhaps too large and not colourful enough to be aquarium favourites.

As the name suggests, the species has a large mouth with which they suck up smaller fish passing by (such as the Lake Eacham rainbowfish of which they are thought to have played a role in the local extinction). But the mouth is used for another reason that interests me: they're mouth-brooding fish like my cichlids, although in the mouth almighty it's the male that carries the young. I'm thinking about giving them a try some day.

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