Sunday, 25 March 2018

Townsville Golf Club

One of the reasons for my recent trip down to Townsville was to play at Townsville Golf Club. I assumed that Thursdays would be an easy day to get on, but it turned out to be a competition day and I was stuck behind that so I ended up only playing nine holes. Behind the comp it took just over two hours for the nine holes, while I have done 18 holes in two and a quarter before. It was very slow.

The course seemed in pretty good condition. Recent rains, which took the Ross River Dam from 15% to 85% in a day, had greened all of Townsville up and the golf course was no exception. There are some very nice holes, in particular the 2nd, 5th and 9th. I think the bunkers were particularly appealing to me, although I didn't get to play out of any of them.

I intended to head back to play the back nine on the Friday, but ended up deciding to spend more time running around aquarium shops, in part due to the threat of rain - which didn't come. I'll head back again some time and maybe take in Rowes Bay on the same trip.

Some very nice green-side bunkers on the second hole. I almost wish I had gone into them.

The 3rd is a par five built from an old four and a three. Why did they fill in that green-side bunker?

The 4th green where a crow pinched a ball I had broken from its box on the tee

The par three fifth was my favourite of the nine. My tee shot ended up short left.

The seventh is a very short par four for competitions, but a par three from another tee for social play.

My drive on the 8th ended up under the rain tree on the corner of the dogleg.

The ninth is another short par four with a pond to the right and more nice bunkers.

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