Saturday, 24 March 2018

Noisy miners

A couple of years after I moved to Cairns I made a trip down to Townsville with work and, with time to spare before the flight home, I went to a driving range near the airport. On the walk I heard a swoosh very close to my head, and it was then that I realised we don't have magpies in Cairns.

A trip to Townsville this week brought a meeting with another regular bird in Canberra that we don't have in Cairns- the noisy miner. They are, apparently, found up on the Tablelands although I've never seen them there. It felt a little odd realising I hadn't seen the species for 18 years when they were so common down south.

A discarded banana peel (not mine) on the golf course seemed enough of a prize that these two didn't mind me being fairly close.

I can't help but anthropomorphise: "Do you mind not photographing while we eat?"

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