Thursday, 26 October 2017

Ocean's Edge Health Club's nine hole golf course at Palm Cove

Looking back from the fifth green
I got to play on the full nine hole Palm Cove golf course (then Novotel Palm Cove, but now part of the Ocean's Edge Health Club) once before it got redeveloped. It was a very nice nine hole course with some particularly tight par fours. The redevelopment saw the course dramatically shortened to eight par threes and one short par four. I played it a few years ago and, on a lazy Thursday afternoon off from work, decided to have a quick game while taking a few photos.

One small change since last I played is the first tee has been pushed back a few metres amd is nominally a par four. At 210 metres it's really just a long par three. The rest of the course is as I remember it, though the greens and bunkers have declined a bit in quality. It's still a rather picturesque course and makes for a nice wander, especially for holiday-makers just wanting a quick taste of golf in the tropics.

More photos below the fold.

The long first hole doesn't have much trouble if you don't stuff up like I did.

The second requires a shot over a creek and a tree

The third needs some trees and a better green, and still feels like an afterthought in the design

The fourth is a nice shot down a narrow alley with water on both sides to a raised green

I think the fifth is the best hole on the course, with a tight shot over water to the green 126 metres away

The sixth has lots of safe space to the left, so I hit right.

A large bunker protects the right side of the seventh green

Looking back from the eighth green with my best shot of the day short of the pin.

The 245 metres par four ninth is overlooked by the resort

The view back from the ninth green

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