Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I've previously posted about Freedom to Glide's album Rain, which is still a regular listen for me. During my absence from blogging their second full length album, Fall, arrived in my PO Box.

Let's start with criticism. The band decided to drop the sound of a car navigation system over one track's opening for some reason. It seems very out of place and detracts from a good song. Fortunately the download includes a pristine version of the song as a bonus.

And that's all I can think of as criticism. The album is another gem and, after about four weeks of listening, I'm tempted to say even better than Rain. The highlight for me is two tracks that come together nicely on the album, Names in the Stone and Toll. The latter is seems like a predominantly instrumental addendum to the former, and they deserve to be played one after the other seamlessly. Unfortunately YouTube won't let me do that, so here they are separately.

A couple of tracks head into rockier territory, and I wonder if this will further develop on the final album of the planned trilogy. I'm already impatient.

You can buy all Freedom to Glide's music at Bandcamp.

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