Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Teeing off in Tully

First tee with Tully's custom tee markers
A few weeks ago I had a game at Tully Golf Club, but accidentally deleted most of the photos. One that survived was the above shot of the tee markers the course uses. They're a reference to the Golden Gumboot, a large statue in the town which was created to promote the town as the wettest town in Australia - a title for which it competes with Babinda.

Another recent round at Paradise Palms saw me starting to hit the ball a bit better, and I'm starting to think I may actually be able to start playing to my old 18 handicap. The courses in my near future will likely be Mareeba, Mossman, Babinda and El Arish before venturing a little further afield. I'll be dropping in to Tully again at some point too.

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