Friday, 29 January 2016

Kennedy Trail

On a recent trip down to Mission Beach I took the chance to go for a wander around the Kennedy Track from South Mission Beach to Kennedy Bay and back. There are a few stair climbs and it's about eight kilometers return, but it's a fairly easy walk. It was, as you would expect in January, rather humid and I did wish I had taken more than one litre of drink with me.

The trail shortly after starting at South Mission Beach
After a brief boardwalk along the ocean's edge, the trail takes you up onto the hillside and through the forest below the Elandra Resort before dropping down to Lugger Bay. There is a trail just behind the tree line, but the beach is rather tempting. It curves around to a small creek and a few mangroves before reaching Tam O'Shanter Point.

Looking toward Tam O'Shanter Point from Lugger Bay
After crossing the creek and wandering around the back of the mangroves, the trail heads into some light forest beside a paddock before climbing up to a lookout. At the entrance to the forest area I was fortunate enough to come across a male cassowary accompanying a single young chick. I didn't try to get to close as it was clear the father was not happy with my presence, and the chick didn't come out in the photos. An angry and protective cassowary is not something with which I wish to tangle. I followed them at a distance before they headed off the trail.

A male cassowary near the south end of Lugger Bay
After a short climb to the lookout, the trail runs along the rise before dropping down into a couple of rocky bays with views out to the Family Islands.

After Tam O'Shanter Point the trail climbs over the headland and along a few rocky bays
The trail cuts across to Kennedy Bay, which is a long and undeveloped beach with paddocks and forest beside it. There have long been plans to develop the area with a residential development and a golf course, but at present it feels very secluded. While it's possible to keep on down the beach, this was the point I turned around and headed back to the hotel for dinner.

Kennedy Bay

Shortly after turning at around at and heading back

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