Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A musical interlude.... Freedom to Glide

It had been a while since I googled "progressive rock that sounds like Pink Floyd", but I gave it another try a couple of weeks ago. The best find in the past had been Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson, which has always been a hard act to follow.

A couple of weeks ago the search came up with Freedom to Glide, a band that formed out of a Pink Floyd tribute band. The album Rain, released in 2014, is a theme album on the costs of war, and it's absolutely magnificent from start to finish. The album is wonderfully cohesive, the music is beautiful, and I've found the lyrics truly emotional. It's so good I sometimes have to delay getting to work just so I can finish listening to the album from start to finish on the way in.

It's really, really hard to pick a favourite track off the album, but I think When The Whistle Blows might be it. Or maybe Not A Broken Man... No, damn...

Have a listen:

You can buy Freedom to Glide's music on Bandcamp or iTunes. I've bought their whole collection.

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