Sunday, 19 July 2015

Grouper feeding at Cook's Landing

Two Queensland groupers enjoying dinner service at Cook's Landing
One of your dining options in Cooktown is the Cook's Landing Cafe, located on the waterfront at the end of Charlotte St. It's a small shack with a patio dining area looking out onto the Endeavour River. They're primarily known as a fish and chips shop, and I heard a couple of groups complimenting the staff on how nice the fish was. With fishing wharves nearby, I'm sure it was extremely fresh. I'm not a big fish-eater, so I went for a hamburger with the lot.

The cafe offers a dinner show with a difference, feeding the fish frames (head, skeleton and tail) left over from cooking to feed some giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus) that come to dine each evening. While I was there, there were five extremely large grouper (definitely the biggest fish I have seen in the wild) feeding from a staff members hand, and two large stingrays plus a multitude of small species picking up scraps. A juvenile remora tagged along with one of the grouper, and an adult with another. It was interesting watching the small remora darting out to grab scraps, then racing back to its grouper.

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