Monday, 6 October 2014

Sunday escape

Coral off the main swimming area at Green Island
I slipped out to Green Island for the first time in many years yesterday. My intention was to laze on a beach, read a book, gaze at clear waters, and occasionally leap in. I didn't expect to do a great deal of snorkelling. My previous impression of Green Island for snorkelling was that it was lots of sea grass and not a lot of coral. I thought the only way to get some good snorkelling was to jump on a boat to head out to the more distant fringing reef. In the end, however, I did very little reading and a lot of snorkelling.

The main swimming area at Green Island does have a large field of sea grass in front of it, but it's actually not a long swim before you start finding some very nice patches of coral and lots of fish. The area next to the jetty also has more coral than I remember it having. I'm not sure if my memory is fault, if it has improved naturally, or if they've done some regeneration work.

Highlights of the day included a number of green sea turtles which appeared in the late afternoon, and having a picasso triggerfish charge at me a few times - I assume to try to scare me away from a nest.

One of the big advantages of living up here is that you can head out to the Great Barrier Reef on a whim. Drifting over coral reefs is a wonderful way to relax. I should do it more often.

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