Sunday, 26 October 2014

Glancing skyward: AR2192

After reading about the current sunspot activity, I wandered out into the garden this morning armed with a leftover pair of eclipse glasses and looked up at the Sun. I could just make out a black spot. After a couple of moments the glasses seemed to have served their purpose, and I decided to cut them up to use one lens as a filter for a camera. It wasn't big enough for my Canon DSLR, but seemed ideal for my Olympus pocket camera. I taped the lens into the front of the camera and took a few shots. The above was the best of them. While it would be nice to think the white specks are stars, I'm pretty sure they're digital artefacts.

The sunspot region, memorably named AR2192, is apparently the largest sunspot group in twenty years, and has directed a couple of large solar flares in Earth's direction.

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