Monday, 13 October 2014

Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts #26: I guess there's always next year... or the next year... or the next...

On Friday, another of the what I guess we could call short Messages to the Editor of the Cairns Post saw some commentary on the lunar eclipse last week:
I saw God's power the moon turning red (Wednesday). In the Bible the book of the old testament Joel chapter 2v31 tells us that the sun will become dark and the moon will turn blood red before that great and terrible day when the Lord arrives.
Kate Higgins, White Rock
So the Sun will turn dark and the Moon blood red? Well I guess we could count night time as the Sun turning dark, but that's not a terribly miraculous event. And of course it's impossible to have a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse at the same time or even on the same day - so that would be miraculous if pulled off!.

Anyway, I became curious about how many lunar eclipses have come and gone without the Lord's return. Assuming that Jesus was indeed executed in 30CE, and if the early Jesus movement had connected the scripture in Joel to the second coming of Jesus that early, it must have been quite exciting when the Moon turned blood red in the skies over Jerusalem on 7 October 32 (weather permitting of course). It must also have been a bit of a disappointment when nothing else happened.

And so they may have waited, slowly losing hope, until another blood moon appeared on 31 January 36. "Surely this time!", they may have thought, but alas Jesus again failed to return. Disappointment may have been short lived however, as the night of 26 July 36 brought another blood moon to Jerusalem's skies, but it was, of course, another no show. Years passed, and then another blood moon appeared in the night sky on 19 November 39. No return. 15 May 40 would have been the next disappointment. And so came 7 September 43, 31 December 46, 26 June 47, 25 April 50, 18 October 50, 11 February 54, 7 August 54, 5 June 57, 29 November 57, 24 Mar 61, 18 September 61, 11 January 65, 5 May 68, 11 December 75, 5 June 76, 4 April 79, 22 January 83, 17 July 83, 9 November 86, 4 March 90, 28 August 90, 21 December 93, 17 June 94, and 9 October 97.

And that's just the total lunar eclipses visible in Jerusalem between the claimed execution of Jesus and the end of the first century! Between then and now there have been too many for me to bother counting.

I suppose that the Moon may glow red in the light of our Sun when it goes into its red giant phase in 5 billion years or so, and then the Sun will collapse to a mere glimmer of its former self. Perhaps that will be the Time.

Unfortunately in the red giant phase the Earth and the Moon will probably both be destroyed, so I'm not where Jesus would return to.

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