Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stumbling into modern art

Not a good picture
In the very small hours of Monday I took a bit of a tumble. I reflexively reached out to try to break my fall and grabbed onto my TV, which proved less than supportive, and it came down on top of me. Now, when I turn it on, the only thing that shows is above. It's almost artistic.

And so my $600, two-year-old, 58cm Sony died. I've now replaced it with a budget $298 81cm TEAC. It's surprising how much larger it seems, especially when it was first turned on and it displayed Bill Shorten's unusually large forehead. I found myself wondering what Bill Shorten's forehead would look like on the $5,496 165cm wrap around screen I saw in JB Hi-Fi. I shuddered, and changed channel.

I do like the new TV. It seems huge to me, though most people would think it a bit small. Running my Windows laptop through it looks great, and a Porcupine Tree Blu-ray disc looked superb. I have Toto's new 35th Anniversary - Live in Poland Blu-ray arriving soon, and look forward to watching it on the new screen.

It would, of course, be lovely to be able to afford that wrap around screen (the new Cosmos, due out 23 July, would be absolutely spectacular on it), but if I had that sort of money I know I would spend it on an even bigger tank for my pet barramundi.  It's all about priorities.

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