Sunday, 13 April 2014

The latter half of the weekend sees normality return

Tropical Cyclone Ita has headed far south, bringing rain to Mackay today. Blue skies have returned to Cairns, and I spent some time this afternoon at the Bar and Grill (sitting under the new "skylight") and then the beach while I read. The erosion isn't as bad as I had expected, though we have lost a lot of sand.

The waves are much reduced, though still a little more than usual. I noticed two guys around 20 years old trying to ride boogie boards, and hooting with delight as they got 3 or 4 meter rides. Maybe they should have been there yesterday.

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  1. That doesn't look too bad really. Esplanade near Muddies didn't make it up near king tide levels from earlier in the year. Cairns gets lucky again?!?