Monday, 21 April 2014

Taking time to smell the flowers

Unidentified jumping spider
I'm yet to get a good identification guide for spiders, and I have no idea what species is in the photo above. I noticed it as I wandered out of the cafe at the Botanic Gardens today. After a lunch of chicken and mushroom in filo pastry with mango chutney (very nice, though I would have preferred more salad instead of the coleslaw), I took a wander around the Red Arrow trail.

It seems that some of the joggers that use the trail find carrying their water bottles with them, and leave them on a banister near the bottom of the trail. It seems awfully trusting of them, and I couldn't help but wonder about colourless laxatives. I walked on, and came to a bench in a gully in the rainforest. I stopped for a while, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest. I watched joggers pass by, their eyes intently focussed on the track, music playing through earphones, huffing and puffing as they ran up the steps. It seems such a waste.

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