Saturday, 12 April 2014

Ita drops by

It's a wet and windy day in Trinity Beach with Tropical Cyclone Ita passing inland of us after it made landfall north of Cooktown last night. A quick wander around my area found a few coconut palm fronds had been torn off by winds, and there's some leaf litter around, but we haven't had any significant winds. It's looking increasingly likely that we won't, as Ita de-intensifies and becomes a tropical low.

The Council had ordered Vasey Esplanade businesses closed, in part to discourage people from wandering around the area. It probably didn't help much, with many people heading down to have a peek. Most did so in cars but there were a few of us on foot. The Trinity Beach Bar and Grill's associated mini-store was open and serving coffee, and I grabbed a cappuccino, wandered round to the Esplanade, and sat on some sandbags to watch the waves at the beach for a bit.

We're now in a fairly quiet period, with light rain and only a few strong breezes. Businesses should reopen tomorrow and life will return to normal. I half expect to see at least patches of blue sky on Monday just in time for work.

I do wish Mother Nature would schedule cyclones for the working week instead of my time off.

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