Sunday, 2 March 2014

The renovations at Fratelli's

One of my favourite breakfast spots, Fratelli's on Trinity, has been closed for a while. I previously noted on 8 February that a sign suggested it would reopen on 10 March. I wandered past for the first time since then to see what work had been completed. I'm looking forward to dropping in on their re-opening.

So here it is with 8 days to go... The new Fratellis:

Fratelli's (and the Atlantis in its previous incarnation) was always a rather minimalist construction, so there may not be that much work to be done, but the builder will have a busy week ahead if they're still opening just eight days from now.

Oh well, I guess next weekend will just have to be another breakfast at my other favourite spot, Lime Tree. It's a tough life.

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