Sunday, 3 November 2013

Trinity Beach open despite croc sighting

Wandering down to Fratelli's for breakfast I passed the designated swimming area with the lifeguard on duty. A few people were swimming between the flags and the yellow flag was out, indicating it was okay to swim. There was. however, a warning sign that there had been a recent crocodile sighting in the area. I was a little surprised by the conflicting advice.

Beaches are not really crocodile habitats, but we do have them living in the creeks and rivers in the area, including the Moon River near Yorkeys Knob and the creek between Trinity Beach and Kewarra Beach. I've only ever seen one in the area, an approximately two-foot specimen in the before-mentioned creek.

Particularly at night, crocodiles will venture out of the creeks and rivers to look for new territories, and sometimes they will end up on the beaches during the day. If they do, more often than not the next night will see them find a creek or river to head into. The beach will usually be closed for a couple of days just in case.

The brown object in the foamy wash in the background of the photo is a swimmer, not the croc. The poor quality of the shot is due to using my phone to take it.

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