Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cairns Police start tracking our movements

The Cairns Post reports that Cairns Police deployed an automatic number plate recognition device on Cairns roads for the first time over the weekend:
ALMOST 370 cars intercepted, 85 tickets given out, 27 unregistered vehicles caught, 24 unlicensed drivers pulled up, 21 notices to appear issued for 29 charges, four vehicles towed and three people taken in on various warrants all in three days.

The statistics speak for themselves.

There is nowhere to hide from Automated Number Plate Recognition devices, a new technology employed by Cairns police signalling the end of the line for the region's traffic offenders.
Wouldn't it be nice to think that if your number plate wasn't flagged the record of your whereabouts would be deleted? Alas this isn't the case: If you drove past and had your number plate scanned, the police now have a record of your passing ready to be cross referenced with future scans. As the scanners are used more, the Police will start building a profile of your movements ready to be mined as they see fit.

Perhaps it's a good reason to share your car with others, use rental cars, and catch the bus.

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