Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Saying "Fuck you!" to Tony Abbott

I know... I don't usually swear on my blog, but it seems the best way to sum this post up in one line.

Tony Abbott is a climate change denier. Previously open about his denial, he paid lip service to addressing climate change while getting elected, but his "direct action" plan is designed to fail, and his true self became even more clear when he got into office and quickly abolished the Climate Commission.

Tim Flannery and his colleagues at the Climate Commission saw it coming, and before the election started to make plans to continue the Commission's work as a non-governmental organisation. Yesterday they announced the Climate Council would form, and started to seek donations from the public.

The Climate Council... with twice as many women as the Abbott Cabinet
The Council announced a goal of raising $500,000 in the first seven days. On Day 1 they have almost reached $400,000. The Council's Facebook (31.5K likes) and Twitter (5K followers) accounts have gained a lot of momentum as well. It would be really nice to see the Climate Council funded until at least the next election.

Head over to
www.climatecouncil.org.au to donate. Think of a small donation as your way of saying "Fuck you!" to Tony Abbott. 

Hopefully crowd sourcing will end up with a better funded Climate Commission/Council than we had before.

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