Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts #17: The drought breaks

It has been quite a while since I felt the need to add to my Letters from the Wingnuts series. In large part it was due to fewer such letters appearing - be it due to fewer wingnuts writing in or better screening by the Cairns Post I do not know. In yesterday's paper, however, some concentrated wingnuttery stirred me to action. Our correspondent this time is a C. Edwards from Clifton Beach who opines:
So sea levels are (going) to rise as the Arctic ice melts because of CO2? But the north Arctic ice sheet grew 60 per cent in the last 12 months.
Yes, last year saw a record low ice extent in the Arctic. This year it's a bit better. Let's be clear: We do not expect every single year to be a new record minimum. There will be variation around the trend, some years above the trend, some below. This year is still below the trend, just not as much so as last year. It is still the sixth lowest on record.

Edwards is parroting the lies of UK Daily Mail tabloid columnist David Rose, I assume via someone like Andrew Bolt. Here's a video that may explain it simply enough for Edwards to understand:

And so back to Edwards's drivel:
Six years ago Al Gore accepted a Nobel Peace Prize and announced there would be zero Arctic ice in 2013.
Actually he didn't. What he actually said was that according to some research he read the day before there was a high probability of an ice free summer in the Arctic. He was presenting information from one study at the lower end of predictions, much akin to the end of the video above.
About this time Tim Flannery claimed Queensland would be totally dry (except we got floods).
Edwards is taking a fragment of a quote out of context in order to misrepresent Flannery, who never said we would be totally dry nor did he say the dams would never be full again. Read in context, Flannery was saying that while there would still be periods of heavy rain, we would be facing extended dry periods in which far less of the rain did fall would not make it into catchments.
Then I read temperatures have not increased for 17 years and the UN IPCC is revising its estimates down.
I am vindicated! Back on 16 July I predicted this argument would get trotted out by a Cairns Post wingnut. I'm surprised it has taken this long, although perhaps I just missed earlier instances. The claim is, of course, nonsense. Follow the links in my previous post for details.
I suspect my voluntary vote for Kevin 007 tricked me into paying more tax for some dodgy claims - for that I am sorry, fellow Aussies.
Yes, Kevin Rudd was a disappointment in '07 as he was in '13. It was like looking at a restaurant menu, seeing boiled spam with brussel sprouts as the first option, thinking how horrible it sounds, but then finding out that the only other option is a shit sandwich with yak vomit dressing. My vote ended up with Rudd.


  1. Tweets by the proprietor of the Cairns Post would also appear to warrant inclusion in the wingnut category:

    Rupert Murdoch ‏@rupertmurdoch 16 Sep
    Al Gore. Pls explain record increase in Arctic ice. Other greenies crippling US growth in opposing safe tracking for natural gas.

  2. Yes, I had noticed news of Murdoch's tweet. I sometimes find myself wondering if Murdoch is really that stupid or if he's just a liar. Or perhaps it's not even really him tweeting, but some underling.