Thursday, 29 August 2013

Remembering lunches at Dunk

From the time I moved to Cairns until Cyclone Yasi hit the area, I dropped down to Mission Beach and Dunk Island regularly. One of my favourite spots was the cafe and bar on the spit, where I would almost always get the satay chicken kebabs with rice. After lunch I would crash in a deck chair, read a book, and, at the right time of year, watch sunbirds nest in the tree next to the cafe. It was always rather blissful.

Over the last couple of years, I've checked the Dunk Island website and Google News searches occasionally looking for news about the Island, though checks became increasingly infrequent. Tonight, after notiicing news about an analysis of the post-Yasi recovery, I dropped in to the Dunk Island website again.  It had been renovated, and there was an icon for a Jetty Cafe. I clicked.

From the Dunk Island web site
While I've made a few trips down in recent years, each time I felt a longing for that cafe on the spit to reopen. From now on I'll be checking for that COMING SOON to change to a NOW OPEN and then head down for a weekend.

I hope satay chicken kebabs will be on the menu.

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