Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Swisse makes the Color Run

On the weekend Cairns played host to a Color Run, which is a lazy fun run in which the participants have coloured flour thrown at them. A reported 8,000 participants paid their $45 or more to take part in the event which was advertised as raising money for the Cairns Base Hospital.

Questions are being raised, most prominently over at Hillbilly Watch (1, 2, 3), about the finances of the event. While giving the impression of a charity event raising money for a local charity, it seems it's more a travelling business which generates just enough for charity for marketing purposes while pocketing more for themselves. The percentage of money raised from the event that will end up being charitably donated seems small, perhaps 10% or so. The "bang for the buck" in the event certainly seems rather low, and one suspects that the Council has been duped into supporting the event.

Vitamin supplement manufacturer Swisse sponsors the Color Run, which seems oddly appropriate. After all, Swisse's whole product line is expensive crap that makes your urine colourful and has little to no health benefit.

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