Friday, 12 July 2013

Clive Palmer and the bad spokesperson

The Brisbane Times reports that multi-millionaire goofball and Prime Minister wannabe Clive Palmer objected to the imposition of security theatre at Brisbane Airport:
He said he and his staff had already cleared security and were waiting to depart on his private jet, but had to change to a commercial flight because of a scheduling change.

In a statement, issued after reports he became aggressive after being asked to submit to a second security screening, Mr Palmer slammed the “highly invasive” technology.
Okay, Clive Palmer being an ass... Situation normal. I'm guessing that he moved from one secure area through an insecure one to get to the second secure area, thus needing another check. Later it is reported that he's scared of the radiation used.
“I am very much opposed to this process as the technology is highly invasive, is unproven and has even been linked to risks with cancer,” he said.

“It has been well documented that my first wife died of cancer and I have also visited Chernobyl and seen the devastating effects of radiation.”
Clive Palmer confusing types of radiation... Well, science isn't his strong point (his stance on climate change is proof enough). The scanner uses non-ionising radiation, and far less of it than a mobile phone call, of which I am sure Palmer makes many. The increased radiation encountered at aircraft cruising altitude is riskier than the scanner.

Palmer's complaint about the scanners being invasive and unproven is on a firmer foundation.

The article ends with Brisbane Airport's spokesperson:
A spokeswoman for Brisbane Airport could confirm there was a security matter at the international terminal on Thursday night but no complaint had been received at this stage.

She said security personnel followed federal procedures and the full body scan selection was random and continuous.

Australian scanners used radio frequency energy not radiation, she said.
Radio frequency energy isn't energy? The management at Brisbane Airport needs to learn that when responding to an ill informed crank, your spokesperson needs to be more informed than the crank, not less.

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