Sunday, 2 June 2013

An unimaginatively named spider (well the common name at least)

A female green jumping spider (Mopsus mormon)
While watering my lime trees, which stubbornly refuse to fruit, I noticed a green jumping spider that had been washed off a leaf and was dangling by a thread of silk. I nipped inside, grabbed my camera got a few shots, and then thought I should identify it. A quick search revealed that I had already identified it - the green jumping spider. The scientific name is a bit more imaginative. The genus name Mopsus is a reference to a Greek prophet, and I'm not sure why it was given. The species name mormon refers to the religious group and is apparently given due to appearance of the male. Here's a male I photographed last year, also on a lime tree in the garden:

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  1. Lovely photos Mike. I saw one of these in Cairns last week but I didn't have my camera. I am going back down this week (I'm from the Tableands) so I'm am prepared to sit in the same spot for hours until it re-appears - you are so lucky to have them in your garden.