Friday, 14 June 2013

A fitting celebration

At the end of my working day my last duty is usually printing out the calendars for the cars and meeting rooms for the next day, and I often amuse my inner geek by including a cryptic reference to a scientist whose birthday falls on the day. Last night I checked the birthday list, picked out a name I knew, couldn't find a picture that I thought suitable, and went for some text instead.

This morning I woke to my mobile phone ringing. I failed to reach it in time. A couple of minutes later the landline rang. Bleary  eyed, I stumbled through and answered it. It was a colleague from work. "Why is Courtney calling me on a Saturday?", I thought to myself. She obviously heard confusion in my voice as I greeted her and asked if I had forgotten it was Friday. Oh smeg! It was 0930. I'm sure my alarm had sounded but had only stirred me enough to turn it off. I have no recollection of waking. I think that waking to a phone call rather than my Monday to Friday alarm, combined with not yet being fully awake, led to my errant belief the weekend had begun. I got to work a little late.

The text I had put on the calendars was where I usually put the day, but had put in "I forget what day it is... It's um... What was I saying?"

The birthday boy for 14 June was Alois Alzheimer.


  1. Think this is funny? You obviously have no idea of the pain and heartbreak that Alzheimer's sufferers and their loved ones go through.

  2. Well yes, I do think it's funny. That's why I posted it. Oh, you meant it rhetorically. In that case, lighten up, smeghead!