Saturday, 18 May 2013

A note about some stuff over on the right - Cairns blogs

My mother dropped me an email after she followed one of the links in the sidebar. She was surprised that I would recommend something with the content she found there. I have two dynamic feeds over there. The first, Better reads, are blogs I recommend and that I visit regularly (if not daily). A little further down is Other Cairns blogs. Some of the Cairns blogs listed I do recommend - there are some beautiful local wildlife photos on some (Tyto Tony and Garden Guests for example), some provide some amusing or interesting miscellany, and some provide some local news that one otherwise may miss. Others listed regularly spout absolute drivel. No prizes will be given for guessing which one my mother ended up at.

That list of Cairns blogs will only have one criterion for inclusion - they're blogs by someone in Cairns or the larger region. If there's a Cairns region blog not listed there, no matter how idiotic and half-witted I might find it, let me know and I'll include it.

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