Saturday, 20 April 2013

Taylor Point in the news for a different reason

Taylor Point, at the northern end of Trinity Beach, has been in the news in past due to ongoing efforts to develop the land. With our present Council which tends to osculate the posterior of business interests, it seems likely to proceed.

Today, however, it's in the news for a very different reason - destruction of evidence in a murder case:
Police are continuing to investigate the suspicious death of a 30-year-old local man whose remains were located in a Trinity Inlet mangrove area on April 6.

A 37-year-old Trinity Beach man has been charged with his murder and is presently in custody.

Investigations have led detectives to a particular area of land at the top of Taylor Point at Trinity Beach, which they believe is a location of significance to the investigation.

They are particularly eager to speak with anyone who may have observed a man who was burning items of furniture or other property at that location in either late November or early December 2012.
For anyone not familiar with Cairns, Trinity Inlet isn't at Trinity Beach as the names might suggest, but is the estuary on which downtown Cairns sits.

I had a peek in my archive of photos to see if any of them were taken at Taylor Point around that time, and it seems I didn't make any outings to Taylor Point in that time frame. Even if I had, I generally try to avoid including people in my shots.

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