Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My achievement today

So we had an extended power outage this morning, starting at about 0530. I woke when the ceiling fan stopped and the house fell silent. I decided that waiting a couple of hours would be okay before switching my aquariums across to battery backup, and went back to sleep.

Later I grabbed one of the car batteries I use in such situations, which sits in a battery box in my second bedroom/study. I hoisted the 20-odd kilo weight, and turned to head to the lounge room. At this point a large cockroach that had called the battery box home decided to escape. It ran up my arm, into my sleeve, down my abdomen, over the top of my shorts (whew!), and down my leg to the floor.

I didn't drop the battery. A small achievement that gave me a little satisfaction.

Unfortunately I hadn't done a pre-cyclone season check of equipment, so cabling hadn't been checked for about 18 months and it proved faulty. I ended up racing out to look for supplies only to find the power on by the time I got home. Apparently the outage lasted about four and a half hours, and was caused by damage to the lines near Yorkeys Knob.

There was another brief outage just after 1600, lasting a couple of minutes. Power outages, however brief, make fish-keepers nervous.

Task for this weekend: full backup system check including making sure some spares are available.

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