Saturday, 23 March 2013


The view near the entrance to the Mungana Archways
The limestone bluffs out around Chillagoe are a strikingly different landscape from, well, just about anything I've seen before. In previous trips I didn't go far from town, so this time I carried on to the Mungana Archways, a towering bluff 15km further down the Bourke Highway. Narrow passages run between sheer walls, far more than my 18mm lens was able to capture effectively. Once again I find myself thinking about a 10mm wide angle or a fish-eye.

It was a fairly cloudy and wet day and, unfortunately, few photos came out well. I also found that the weather seemed to keep the birdlife fairly quiet, and the apostlebirds, numerous on previous visits, were nowhere to be seen. Magpies and galahs were common sightings, and I also spotted some pied butcherbirds.

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