Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A lesser known fig

The Curtain and Cathedral Figs near Yunguburra are well known tourist attractions, and both have had paved roads put in to cater to traffic. Less well known is the Clohesy River Fig, near Koah. Access is much harder, and I wouldn't recommend trying to get there without a four wheel drive. The nine kilometer drive along the Clohesy River Road is fairly rough, and features several shallow creek crossings and some serious anti-erosion swayles.

The Fig is one of several large strangler figs in a small valley that was logged 33 years ago, but has regenerated beautifully. The figs were left standing, as was a large red cedar that was intended to be breed stock for future logging. A 300 metre boardwalk takes you along the edge of a creek, around the figs and back to the carpark. It's a very scenic rainforest area close to Cairns, and a fun drive if you have the right vehicle.

The Clohesy River Fig, with my mother for scale

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