Monday, 20 August 2012

John-Michael Howson is still a moron

So John-Michael Howson has been stood down for four weeks for his verbal attack on Julian Assange's mother, and offered something of a half apology:
I unreservedly apologise for saying what I said. I understand that many listeners took offence to these comments and I sincerely regret having uttered them.

I did not intend to imply that our guests or anyone shares the views of the Nazi party or seeks to control free speech.

And I again offer my sincere apologies.
I guess he is half right. He didn't actually say (implicitly or explicitly) that Assange's mother "shares the views of the Nazi Party", just explicitly stated that she shared a "Nazi mentality" towards free expression. And he also didn't imply that people were trying to control his speech. He actually said that explicitly - that "she comes on and says to me she's not going to talk about - that to me shows her trying to censor me".

Howson is lying. This wasn't a case of saying something he didn't mean at the time. It wasn't people drawing an implication that wasn't there. At the time, he meant to say it and he said it explicitly. In his apology he should have admitted that he is a pompous self-absorbed ass, that he was having a hissy fit because someone didn't treat him as if he as important as he thinks he is, and that he said things that were stupid.

Really, really stupid.

In Howson's defence: 1. he did apologise; and 2. he's not as obnoxious as Kyle Sandilands.

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