Thursday, 19 April 2012


Wandering over the rocks at Trinity Beach today I disturbed what I initially thought were native bees. They swarmed around me, with one briefly entering a nostril, another my mouth. I's assuming that the swarming behaviour is to ward off potential predators. I looked around the rock that I had stepped on, but couldn't see anything. I then noticed a couple of dark insects on leaves in a small tree next to it.


As I looked closer I noticed more, and disturbed them again when I got too close. After the swarm settled again, I noticed that it was outnumbered by other flies that hadn't taken flight. They remained massed on the undersides of the leaves.

There are apparently more than 7,700 species of fly in the Wet Tropics and I'm trying to identify one. I have one small book of insects, which covers all types and all of Australia. Needless to say coverage is pretty thin. I think "Here's a fly" is as good as I'm going to get.

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