Monday, 16 April 2012

The five Div 9 candidates and their websites

On Saturday week we head to the polls for the Queensland local government elections. It seems that candidates are starting to get their websites up and running, and some Google searches tonight found all five for the candidates in my division. Cairns Division 9 includes Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Trinity Park, and the parts of Smithfield west of the Captain Cook Highway.

I think my main concern for the election is the future of Taylor Point. Most of the divisional candidates seem to be in favour of protecting it from development, with at least some support for trying to buy it back.

The candidates and apparent positions on Taylor Point are:

Our mayoral candidates are:
Roslyn Smith's website seems to support protection of Taylor Point, with a heading of a section "Taylors Point particularly..." and comments suggesting a buy back. She has, however, hitched her wagon to current mayoral candidate Margaret Cochrane, and Cochrane, as Deputy Mayor, voted in favour of Taylor Point's development and has a very pro-development reputation generally.

At this time, I think my vote will be for Val Schier to continue as Mayor, and for either Tim O'Hallahan, Ross Parisi or Lorraine Miller for Division 9.

Update: This post has been amended to reflect further information from Ross Parisi that he is strongly supportive of efforts to save Taylor Point from development.


  1. Just had a visit from Tim O'Hallaran - door knocking the division - havent heard boo from any other candidates, dont like the idea of LNP backed "party" politics in local council elections. Tim seems to be a good bloke and both he and Val have my vote.

  2. May I respectfully suggest you click on the below link. My position on Taylor Point is explicit and forms part of the "Parisi Plan". 6,000 of the Brochure have been distributed in Div. 9. While there check out my other policies for Division 9.

    Cheers...Ross Parisi JP.C. Dec. Div. 9 Candidate.

  3. Ross

    I indicated "unknown" after looking around on your website. Putting a position statement on Facebook, where people need to have an account to see it (I don't have one) probably isn't a great way of advertising it.

    Your second brochure, posted the day after I typed this post, does indeed spell out your position, and I'm happy to amend the post accordingly.

  4. Mike, I lived at Trinity Beach 30 years ago and still consider Taylor Point my "Dreamtime". ie, I am Anglo but the place had such an impact on me back then that it's become part of my psyche and I've even had nightmares of the place being bulldozed over and developed from time to time since. I live in Brisbane now, but am interested to know what locals think of the recent council decision to allow the developer to create a 19 lot development. Jason