Saturday, 28 April 2012

Civic duties completed for the day

I've done my bit and cast my vote in the local election. I dropped a 1 next to Val Schier for Mayor, and another next to Tim O'Hallahan for Division 9. I'll now wait to see the outcome this evening. Schier seems to be favourite to come out as Mayor, but Division 9 is more up in the air. I'm hoping O'Hallahan gets in as an independent. I'm much of the opinion that independents are the best hope for good government that listens to the people.

The polling place was significantly quieter than the state election, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a small turnout overall. 91,764 people are enrolled to vote. Let's see if "compulsory voting" achieves a 75% turnout.

Update at 19:56: Oh crap! It looks like the the Unity team is going to get the Mayor position and six or seven of the ten councillor positions. Watch for more rich people's houses on hillslopes in the near future, and I suspect Taylor Point will be high on their agenda as the last beachside area with views.

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