Friday, 30 March 2012

Taylor Point developer's appeal dismissed

A double-eyed fig-parrot at Taylor Point
I must admit to having been a bit pessimistic about the Taylor Point Planning and Development Court case, and expected we would soon see bulldozers finish the work they had already begun. Block boundaries had been marked out, and some clearing had begun.

Today, however, saw that the court has dismissed the developer's appeal. It's a big win for the Cairns Regional Council, the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre, the Save Our Slopes Community Action Group and the Environmental Defender's Office.

The developer, Robert Prettejohn, may try to put another proposal forward, but it would be nice to see the area bought back and conserved as a nature park. Should the Council buy the land back, a significant revegetation project would be needed. The area has a lot of cleared space, and a great many invasive species.

There is still a small parcel of rain forest on the western side of the point which could be expanded, and a boardwalk would be great.The eastern side has ti tree forest and good bird life, and there's also some open eucalypt forest. Bird species are quite numerous, and I could imagine it being a popular birdwatchers area, specially if revegetated and promoted, much as the Cattana Wetlands has been.

Update: The Cairns Post has it's report here. I note:
Those guidelines were changed last year and Taylor Point was zoned mostly as conservation land, meaning only one house could be built on the site.
Now I just need a few million dollars. Donations accepted.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    In case you hadn't heard, the battle for Taylor Point is on again. The Council has permitted the owner to submit an application to divide the Point into 19 house lots, under a superseded planning scheme. Deadline for call for submissions from the public is 29 April 2013. Please check out the notice on the Save Taylor Point FB page:
    Please spread the word so that Council receives lots of submissions. We have a sample email we can send people if they would like to contact us at