Friday, 24 February 2012

Crime in Trinity Beach

Do you know this man?
Arriving home tonight I found the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter for Trinity Beach. Among the handful of articles was the list of crimes reported in Trinity Beach for the last month:
  • A chainsaw was stolen from an unsecured shed on Moore Street between 16 and 21 January.
  • Thieves broke into the liquour store at the main shops on the night of Monday 23 January and stole liquor. The offenders were identified from CCTV footage and charged.
  • Overnight on Thursday 2 February some dog-washing toiletries and a power point were stolen from a mobile dog-washing business's trailer parked on Moore Street.
  • A handbag and other items were stolen from an unsecured car on Lae St on Saturday 11 February, with the offender subsequently identified and charged.
  • At 19:15 on Friday 3 February, a handbag was stolen from a house on Vasey Esplanade, with the offender entering an unlocked door and seen by the occupants. Police would like to talk to the man pictured at right.
So we had five offences, with two already resulting in charges. One was against a commercial premises, one was against a commercial trailer parked on the street, and three were against personal property. Of those three, only one involved the offender entering a home, and that was unlocked.

The statistics are fairly comforting, especially as I am good, indeed anal retentive, when it comes to locking my doors. Perhaps the motion-sensing camera I have is overkill, though it was set up for non-security reasons.

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