Saturday, 16 June 2018

Unemployment around Cairns and Townsville

Unemployment statistics get released based on two sizes of statistical area. The more frequent, the Statistical Area Level 4, comes out monthly, and has three areas of interest up here - Cairns, Townsville, and Queensland - Outback. These areas are rather large, with the Cairns SA4 including Mareeba, Atherton and well out past Ravenshoe.

The Statistical Area Level 2 statistics come out quarterly, and each area is a cluster of about two or three suburbs. Trinity Beach is, for example, lumped with Trinity Park and Smithfield. The areas are too small to be useful, but can be compiled into more meaningful areas, as below.

The March 2018 figures got released this week, and after compiling the figures at work I emailed a little table to myself to post here. The last column is the change since March 2017.

Townsville's rate leapt up around the time and in part due to Clive Palmer's nickel refinery closed down, and still hasn't recovered. It used to be below that of Cairns.

The last year seems to have been pretty good for the North, with improvements across the board.

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