Friday, 3 November 2017

Reef HQ

Cleaner wrasses get to work on a malabar grouper
 A trip to Townsville isn't complete for me without dropping in to the Reef HQ aquarium, and last weekend I made a trip down. Reef HQ features far more in the way of live coral than the Cairns Aquarium, and the bright sunlit main tanks are gorgeous. My camera battery ran out shortly after I arrived, but I got a couple of shots out of it before trying my phone's camera.

The Yongala wreck recreation is on one side of an underwater tunnel. The live reef tank is on the other

Live reef

Bigfin reef squid (camera phone)

Taken with my phone, here's a photo of an alpheid shrimp working on its burrow while its goby stands watch
Here's the same goby, but the photo is from my camera rather than the phone

A small reef tank

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