Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Crimson finches

I dropped by the Tyto Wetlands in Ingham for the first time on Friday after driving by many times and thinking about stopping. It wasn't the best time of day - I think early morning or late afternoon might be better than lunchtime. It was a pleasant stroll around the grassy paths around the swamps and ponds, though I didn't have much luck with photos.

Scarlet finches were numerous but rather blurry in most photos. A red-backed wren made a brief appearance, but didn't allow a photo despite me playing recordings of its calls from my tablet. The egrets took flight as I tried to get close enough for a photo. Various waterbirds heard me coming and disappeared into the reeds or flew away. Maybe next time I'll allow more time and stake out a spot for a while.

A couple more finch photos are below the fold.

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