Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The fourth at Babinda

I've made some comments in the past about par fours that are simply too short. Anything under 300 metres is suspect. I really wouldn't have imagined thinking of a 245 metre carry par four as one of my favourite holes. Then I went to Babinda.

A few steps off the tee looking toward the green
Nestled alongside a raised cane train track lies a 295 metre par four with a sharp dogleg around a small pond with Alexandra palms. It's definitely tempting to try to take on the trees and pond to go for the green, though I played safe into the generous fairway to the left. From there it's an easy pitch to a slightly raised green with cordylines providing a colourful backdrop. I found myself thinking "Wow! This hole is gorgeous" a few times as I walked up the fairway. A little toughening of the area between the pond and green might be in order, but it would be hard to do without spoiling the view.

Next time I'll try to take on the corner.

Looking back from behind the green
I'll have another post on Babinda soom. It's a nice, fairly easy nine hole course with a few features that set it apart. The greens were a little rough, but fairly good for a small club. When I was there the entire Saturday members competition teed off as a foursome behind me.

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