Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ice recovery!

In my previous post I commented on the way some deniers like to leap on variation in the trend of sea ice to shout about how it is recovering so spectacularly. I pointed out some examples in the Daily Mail, but subsequently noticed another example from yesterday.

The pseudonymous* Steve Goddard has a fairly long and vocal history among the denial movement, often getting the Arctic trend wrong, and accusing the NSIDC of doctoring data. Someone I was talking to on Twitter retweeted a post from Goddard commenting on how big a recovery there was in Arctic sea ice.

Well, a first impression when looking at that chart certainly makes one think everything's just fine. Then you notice the legend. 2005 onwards? I wonder if we can find a more informative chart, perhaps with some more context. Yes, yes we can**. Here's the chart from the front page of the NSIDC:

And here's one fairly similar to Goddard's from NASA. Notice the drop from decade to decade. Where do you think 2009-2018 is likely to be?
So yes, it's better than the worst years on record, but I think Goddard is attempting to polish the proverbial. You don't need to actually lie to mislead an audience.

The below video might help you understand how the Arctic is going;


* I note that Steve Goddard is a pseudonym because the person who I was talking to shortly afterward criticised me for only using Mike K. Goddard is quite well known to be using a pseudonym, and I think he has the right to do so. Some others have named him due to his rather public profile, but I've decided against it.
** That's a deliberate attempt to needle anti-Obama people.

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