Sunday, 25 January 2015

Vote Compass: Yep, that's more or less right

During a break in shovelling sand in hot and humid conditions, I decided to undertake the ABC's Vote Compass for next week's Queensland election. I didn't expect to be surprised, and expected be somewhere between Labor and the Greens. Et voila:

I'm a little surprised that the Katter Australia Party is closer to me than the Palmer United Party. I thought the KAP would be further toward the social conservative end of the chart.

Here in the electorate of Barron River we have candidates from the Greens, ALP, PUP and LNP. I'll be voting in that order knowing that it's highly improbable that the Greens will win the seat. My vote will end up with the Labor Party, but the financial reward for first preference ($2.90) will go to the Greens.

Remember: To deny a major party $2.90 in funding, vote for a minor party that doesn't have a chance of winning.

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