Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts #25: A wingnut uses a pseudonym

Back on 3 August, looking at the winter sea ice maximum approaching in Antarctica and anticipating wingnuts writing to the Editor of the Cairns Post about increase, I wrote:
One common climate change denier arguments is to point at Antarctic sea ice's growth as if it proves warming isn't happening. Cairns's "leading" wingnut letter writer, Bill Schutz, is one of a few who has included this in his letters to the Cairns Post. Such authors ignore the Antarctic land ice melt and the effect the water from that melt has on sea ice formation, and also the effects of a change in circumpolar winds.
I then linked to an article that discussed our growing understanding of the Antarctic sea ice and the possibility of sensor calibration being behind some of the increase.

And so to this week, when the editor at the Cairns Post chose to let a pseudonymous wingnut have some space:
Here's something that Tim Flannery and the Greens failed to report. The sea ice at Antarctica has reached the highest levels ever recorded at a massive 20 million sq km. So much for the scam of global warming melting the ice caps and us humans to blame for it all. What a joke!
The Black Adder, Mt Sheridan
Well, I have a sneaking suspicion I know who the Black Adder from Mt Sheridan is.

The argument the correspondent makes is regularly heard, and whenever I hear it I can't help but start to wonder about the integrity of the writer. A big part of the answer is there in the very comment - the sea ice around Antarctica. That word "sea" is very important. Sea ice surrounds Antarctica, a continent covered with ice. It's well documented and hardly a secret being kept by environmentalists that sea ice is increasing. But what's happening with that land-based ice? It's melting, and losing far more mass than the sea ice is gaining.

It's hard to believe the author could be oblivious to the fact Antarctica is a continent, though stupidity is sometimes easy to underestimate. Could the author not know that land ice is decreasing while sea ice is increasing? I would be surprised the author would specify "sea ice" if that were so. Could it be that our pseudonymous wingnut knows that his argument is invalid, but chooses to use it anyway?

Either stupid or dishonest, only our pseudonymous wingnut really knows.

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