Monday, 16 June 2014

Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts #24: Short and stupid

P.W. English of Manunda joins the Wingnuts today with a mercifully short but really stupid letter to the Editor of the Cairns Post. Our correspondent opines:
I would like to congratulate The Cairns Post for the opinion piece on Tuesday,  June 10.

It is full of common sense and I agree with the sentiments expressed in it.
I assume that P.W. English is referring to a screed by climate change denier Andrew Bolt that ran in the Cairns Post that day. It wasn't a particularly noteworthy article given its source, and mainly consisted of Bolt whining that the left in Australia liked Obama's climate stance but didn't like the George W. Bush's military stance, and somehow that was inconsistent. Anyway, let's stick with our local wingnut. P.W. English, who continues:
It is good to see Tony Abbott standing up to the climate changers, and they are very quiet about the volcano which blew up in Indonesia more than a week ago,  which put more carbon up into the sky in one day than Australia could achieve in five years.
Gee, a volcano emitted more CO2 in a day than Australia emits in 5 years? I'm sure you've already guessed the accuracy of P.W. English's claim. It's spectacularly wrong.

Last year Australia's carbon dioxide emissions total 538.4 million tonnes. The volcano that P.W. English refers to is Sangeang Api, the ash plume of which caused air traffic delays that were reported widely. I'm unable to find estimates of the amount of carbon dioxide it is emitting, but the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, with a similar volcanic explosive index, in 2010 had estimates of 150,000 to 300,000 tonnes per day. All volcanoes together are estimated to amount to 250-300 million tonnes per year.

Contrary to P.W. English's claim, Australia's daily emissions (1.475 million tonnes) dwarf those from Sangeang Api (approx 0.3 million tonnes).
All efforts to control or climate will ultimately be futile.
Well, that's certainly Tony Abbott's goal. Let's hope he fails.

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