Saturday, 15 February 2014

The cult of celebrity is a bit of a mystery to me

Wandering in to Woolworths this afternoon to do some shopping I noticed a small crowd gathered just inside the entry. It turned out to be the two local contestants on one of the cooking "reality" shows making an appearance (the ones in the ad which feature the irritating git who does something akin to a Jack Nicholson impression and his wife). I'm not even sure which show it is, and don't know whether or not he's as irritating on the show. I really don't care.

People were actually taking photos and, I think, having photographs taken with them. I couldn't help but find it a little depressing. I just can't put myself into the mindset that would fawn over celebrities - even ones that did something deserving of their fame. I tried to imagine my equivalent scenario: David Attenborough? Physicist and science documentary host Brian Cox? "River Monsters" host Jeremy Wade? Sure, it would be interesting to sit down and learn from them, but I can't imagine getting excited about a fleeting appearance or a chance to have my photograph taken with them. Their celebrity is irrelevant, it's their knowledge that matters.

A dipstick contestant on a "reality" TV show? No thanks. I walked around the commotion and went on with my shopping. Perhaps I should have wandered down to Coles.

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