Saturday, 8 February 2014

Not postcard weather

It has been a little cool and damp this week, with a touch over 20cm of rain collecting in the gauges. The week ahead looks much the same, with showers forecast each day. Wandering along the beach I did see a couple of people out for a swim in the stinger net and someone out walking their dog, but the beach was otherwise deserted.

Trinity Beach this afternoon
It probably hasn't been a great week for the businesses along the beach. Fratelli's restaurant has timed a renovation well, and are closed until 10 March. Peering through a gap in the tarpaulins reveals some fairly extensive work being done inside. I'm hoping they keep a fairly relaxed cafe-like environment. I was planning on dropping in to Fratelli's for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Our Indian restaurant has closed down and been replaced by a Chinese which I'll have to give a try sometime. I wish I had gotten around to trying the vegetable korma from the Indian. I did try the paneer butter masala (my first taste of paneer), and while paneer wasn't as nice as chicken the sauce was very nice.


  1. Fratelli renovaton is interesting as it is also within the strata scheme for Casablanca Domes. How long can that last with any resurgence of development activity inn Cairns?

  2. KitchenSlut.. what on earth are you talking about.. most renovations (particularly in the city) are part of such tenures.. strata means in levels.. so I think (sorry know) you got your old-fashioned terminology wrong.

    Regardless.. your point is what?