Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Still dry

A yacht makes its way in to Cairns this afternoon
We've had a rather dry start to the Wet Season, and the Council has even asked us to think about saving water until the rains come. I can't even remember any electrical storms this season, which is a little unusual. I normally expect them to start in December.

On 21 January it will be 14 years since I moved up from Canberra. After a few Wet seasons I developed my stock answer for when the heavy rains of the Wet would arrive - around the tenth of January. Three days out from that date I'm thinking it will be a bit later this year. Showers are forecast over the next week, but it's not expected to be heavy.

I've heard a couple of people say that they are looking forward to that first heavy downpour, and I am as well. I think I'll go for a walk when it comes.

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  1. My ant activity indicator has been hopelessly unreliable this year!